Fairtrade Home Improvements

About Tarmacadam

Tarmacadam and asphalt offer a versatile, secure and level surface for your exterior space and with our expertise and the many projects we have worked on, we know exactly how to achieve the perfect surface.

Example Tarmac Driveway

Choosing tarmacadam surfacing means you are going for a solution which is hard-wearing and long-lasting as well as cost-effective and highly weather-resistant. It can be enjoyed in a range of colours, it low maintenance and will add value to your property, making it a great investment.
Tarmacadam isn’t only used on public roads and in large car parks, it can also be the perfect choice for your driveway. We have a wealth of experience available which means we have been laying tarmacadam and asphalt for domestic customers for a long time and we ensure every job is of as high a quality as the last.


If you have an existing tarmacadam driveway, allow Fairtrade Home Improvements to give it a new lease of life through our resurfacing service.

Resurfacing involves taking a worn and uneven tarmacadam surface and revitilising it by taking a new layer of tarmacadam and laying it on top of the existing marks and holes to give a more uniform surface.

Our comprehensive jet washing service can extend the life of your driveway, providing a "like new" look that removes moss, stains and weeds and helps it to stand out from the crowd.

Fairtrade Home Improvements can also apply sealant to the drive surface to lock in the cleanliness and shimmer of your newly jet washed driveway to keep it looking fresh for longer.

Jet Washed Tarmacadam Driveway

Colours and Styles

Fairtrade Home Improvements mixes our tarmac in a variety of different ways to provide for our customers.

Choose from a range of colours, from black to green all the way to red, whilst also considering the option to mix and match colours to provide a unique and striking appearance every time.


Tarmacadam Drainage System

A suitable drainage system is an important feature of any home driveway constructed from any material, especially tarmacadam.

This prevents the buildup of puddles and keeps your home drive in line with the latest anti-flooding regulations.

Fairtrade Home Improvements can fit powerful and durable drains to your new or existing tarmacadam driveway, leaving your home tidy and dry for the foreseeable future.

Tarmacadam Edging

For new driveways, Fairtrade Home Improvements can finish off such builds with block paved edging.

Edging is a common feature of tarmacadam surfaces that prevents the hot tar from spilling out to the surrounding area. By using block paving instead of the standard concrete slabs used to contain our most basic driveway configurations, your drive can be given a unique finish that helps tailor the experience personally to you.