Plain Concrete and Natural Stone

Fairtrade Home Improvements

About Slabbing

Slabbing is a kind of service we offer at Fairtrade Home Improvements.

It involves the placement of regularly sized stone slabs at uniform intervals to construct all kinds of hard surface products, from driveways to paths to patios.

Slabbing is a suitable option for those looking to outfit the exterior of their home on a budget. We offer slabbing in two main materials; plain concrete and natural stone.


Plain Concrete

Plain Concrete

Concrete is a composite material consisting of a fine aggregate bound together with fluid cement.

Here at Fairtrade Home Improvements, we mix this cement into flat slabs that can be laid into a hard surface for your home. Plain concrete makes a perfect fit for cost effective driveways, paths and patios.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a stunning material for use in domestic hard surfacing. It's obtained by finely slicing blocks of limestone and sandstone from quarries into regular slabs that can then be fit together into a surface.

The key aspect of this material that makes it stand out is the sheer amount of variety it offers. No matter what product you're looking for to enhance your home, a driveway, path or even a new patio, constructing with natural stone will ensure that whatever you end up having constructed is entirely yours.


  •  Simple
  •  Cost Effective
  •  Lightweight
  •  Durable
  •  Highly customisable
  •  A wide range of colours and styles
  •  No end of configurations for different applications
  •  Provides a rustic look to your home