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Fairtrade Home Improvements - We are customer focused, friendly and approachable and cover all property maintenance.


No Job too small or too large.

We look after all the external areas of your property:  Roofing, Driveways & Patios.

We are friendly and approachable and our aim is to ensure that we do a first class job.

We are a family run business and are customer focused.


No Roofing Repair task is too big, or too small,

for our roofing experts.

Flat Roofing repairs & installations


Ground Works

Quality Block Paving

Quality Concrete Products

Hard Wearing Tarmac Products

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We are based in Coventry and also cover the surrounding areas.



Roofing Services

We repair Chimney damage, Re-point Chimneys, Replace Broken or Missing Tiles, Build new roofs, Re-Roof.

Repair or install Flat Roofs, Repair or upgrade Verges & Ridges, Clean Gutters, Repair or install Gutters/downpipes.

Roofing Repairs Page

  Roof Repairs

Call Fairtrade Home Improvements if you need help or repairs:


Fairtrade Flat Roofing:

Quality, Thick Felt and the best Fine Rubber materials.


We repair or install the traditional felt (mineral felt) flat roofing.


We install rubber roofing


We also install fibreglass roofing

Whatever the type of flat roofing you have, we are able to install a roofing system to suit you and your budget.

  Flat Roofing

Garage Repairs

We repair or install garage roofs.

Re-point brickwork

We also undertake garage refurbishments.

Fairtrade Home Improvements will work hard to ensure that your garage door, roof and brickwork looks as good as new.

Roof Coatings

We clean debris, moss etc. off the roof.

We also provide a roof coating service.

  Roof Coating


The soffits are positioned under the roof line and are usually seen from below.

They can also be ventilated to allow for air flow to help prevent condensation.

We can carry out repairs or install soffit upgrades.

  Fascia & Soffits


Fascias are part of the roofline.  The guttering is usually attached to the fascias.

We repair fascias and we install upgrades.

Quality uPVC Roofing products

  Fascia & Soffits

We repair verges and ridges.  We clean the old mortar away and replace with new mortar to secure the ridge tiles and replace the mortar on the verges.
Dry Ridge & Dry Verge

We install Dry Ridge and Dry Verge systems which are more durable and require very little maintenance unlike the old mortar systems.

See our Dry Ridge & Dry Verge page for further information.

uPVC Gutters & Water Pipes

We repair or install gutters and downpipes.

We also provide a Gutter Cleaning Service - gutters form an important part of the roofing system.  They allow the rain water to flow from the roof, and into the gutters where it flows into the downpipes and finally into the drains.  Any blockages, from dirt, debris, leaves etc. can stop the flow of rain water and cause damage to the roof space, brickwork and even the foundations of the building.

  Fascia & Soffits

Roof Tiles Replaced

We replace missing or broken tiles.  A small repair or replacement corrected early will often prevent a much larger repair if left.  Leaving any small repairs unchecked can lead to more expensive repairs at a later date.

We undertake repairs and also build new roofs or re-roof.

Best quality tiles and roof products.



Chimney Stacks

We repair and re-point Chimney stacks.

We also remove chimneys, if necessary.

With regards to Chimney Brick Work, please take action as soon as you are able to.  Our team can inspect your chimney structure and provide you with essential repairs before the chimney falls onto your roof!  Call us.

  Chimney Repairs

Roof Conversions

Conservatory Roofs

Garage Conversions

Ground Works



Because we are a family firm, we are able to provide a number of building and construction services.

We specialise in groundwork and construction but also undertake driveways, drop kerbs, patios, pathways, fencing, drainage, foundations and extensions. We make sure that the tasks are finished to a high standard.


Quality Block Paving

Quality Concrete Products

Hard Wearing Tarmac Products

Block Paving

Block paved driveways are one of the most sought-after solutions for any home that needs a solid surface for vehicles.

These days, most home owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to block paving. All thanks to there is a wide array of designs to select from to suit your taste and preference not to forget your budget.



There is something about block-paved driveways that just make you want to pull over and park your car. What we must bear in mind is that they have pros along with cons. We shall shed some light on both for you to be the judge on whether you would prefer to have them outside your building.

Patios & Paths

Fairtrade Home Improvements have the selection of different paths and patios available. Relax whatever the weather amidst the warmth, beauty, style and class of an area designed to your specification with a brand new patio, or walk safely and firmly with the increased accessability a garden path provides.

Whatever you're looking for, chances are we'll have it available and within your desired specifications. Fairtrade home improvements have been working with home gardens for many years and can advise you on what work would best suit not only your home, but also your individuality.

Garden Maintenance

The field of garden maintenence offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Fence repair and replacement
  • Patio and path repair
  • Weeding
  • Fencing repair

and more! Fairtrade Home Improvements employ a top team of landscaping experts to carry out all garden maintenance tasks, so you can feel safe knowing that you've left your home garden in capable hands.

Garden Turfing

Are you tired of the constant maintenance and inconsistancy that traditional garden grass provides? You might just want to look into turf.

Garden turf comes in two main varieties; natural and artificial. Natural turf can provide you with a fresh start for your home garden, effectively giving you a ready-made, natural lawn for your home without sacrificing its appeal. Artificial turf on the other hand is far less gaudy than its name might lead you to beleive, with the leaps and bounds made to modern turfing technologies, you too can have a stunning, low maintenance garden lawn that looks incredible no matter the time or place.

Not only can Fairtrade Home Improvements supply you with the materials and fit them into place, but we can also revive your old lawn with repair and planting services.

Brick Work

Chances are that if you're reading this, the bricks that surround your home don't look as good as they used to. This is to be expected after years of wear and tear, but fortunately Fairtrade Home Improvements can help. We provide comprehensive brickwork services to suit any major or minor brick problem. No matter where your issue may lie, we will work our hardest to ensure it is fixed within the best possible timeframe and price.

Fairtrade Home Improvements can repair brickwork from the following example sources:

  • Structural walls
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Garden Walls
  • Chimney breasts
Indian Stone Work

Indian sandstone is a kind of natural stone paving that is growing in popularity for its combination of a traditional, rustic look and excellent build quality. Here at Fairtrade Home Improvements, we are well versed in fitting and repairing Indian sandstone driveways, paths and patios using ethically sourced materials.

We pride ourselves on the sheer scale and affordability of our range, and would love to work with you in crafting a beautiful new home feature.

Tree Care

We provide a tree care service, dealing with all types of trees and hedgerow.

From trimming, pruning, removing branches, thinning where necessary to complete removals if warranted. 

Tree Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove/fell trees, especially if they are diseased or causing problems.

Some of the signs to look for are dead or diseased trees, 
No buds on the trees
Holes in the trunk
Dead branches or awkwardly sited branches
Cracks or holes in the tree trunk
Fungi that are causing the tree to decay

Tree Stump Removal

After removing the tree itself, we can ground the stump back to ground and treat to ensure it doesn't grown back. 

It is advisable, once a tree has been felled to remove the stump to avoid fungi or root diseases from growing.

It is best to treat the stumps at the time when the tree has been removed since the chemical treatments are more likely to work on freshly cut wood, if this process is delayed then the stump will need further cutting for the chemicals to be effective.

If the stump is not treated, new shoots can emerge and the tree will continue to grow.

Small trees can usually be pulled out using specialist equipment, such as a winch or mini excavators can be used.

Stumps can be ground down, treated, and the roots will naturally rot.








Fairtrade home improvements can construct solid, attractive fencing for your home garden. We also offer repairs for existing wooden fencing. Our range of fences includes a wide range of styles and woods, so it's highly likely that your ideal fence is just a single phone call away. Fencing is available in various styles and heights.

We provide a cleaning service for:





We also provide a driveway sealing service to protect the surface of the driveway from weeds for a longer period.

Sealing a driveway also enhances the colour.